enter my train of thought
2002-12-13 22:15:18 (UTC)

im stealing this idea from pam, yes you read that right, im a theif

Hiya anybody that is reading! i've been reading my friend
Pam's journal everytime she updates it, and i though to my
self "self! you've got lots of thoughts running around in
that brain of yours, why not share?" so i decided to steal
pam's idea and now i've started a journal for those of you
who may or may not be interested in reading it.

SOO what should i start of by saying. i'm gonna talk about
the ernest j. gaines (absolutely never forget that J!!)
lecture that we went to yesterday for history. now, i
admit, i'm a loser, i liked his book, unlike many un-named
acquaintances i may have. but that lecture, man that was
something. i mean, come on, we ALL read the book, why do
we need to hear him read it to us? not that we could
understand him very well anyway...but hey whatever makes
him happy, right? so then the question part was better,
cause it was pretty interesting (or so I thought) and he
was pretty funny at times, like about the sugar cane field
activities. anyway, to sum up, in the words of inigo
montoya (those of you who have not seen and memorized The
Princess Bride, just ignore that reference), i thought it
was kinda stupid for him to read a chapter to us but
otherwise it was ok. especially since we didn't have to
listen to melillo yak. (who am i kidding, we all know how
much i love melillo!)

ok, reading back over what i just wrote, my thoughts jump
around a bit, which would be indicated by all the

i think this is enough for now. besides, my fingers are
really cold and i've had enough with typing for now.