2001-08-29 23:07:51 (UTC)

A Cool Haircut

I got a haircut on a whim today after work. It's not too
short; I just got tired of having hair in my collar. This
really sweet lady did my cut. I didn't catch her name,
though. There's this really cute gay guy (Jeff) who works
there, but I haven't had a chance to talk to him. I also
bought a network cable for my computer and a brownie from
Mrs. Fields (I was hungry).

Only two more days left at work. Can I make it? I hope so.

I called Lee today. He is adjusting well to Northwest. He
is in a guys dorm with six floors. It sounds like a pretty
big school, but not huge. He gets along well with his
roommate, and has yet to get his network card working.

I am having trouble getting ahold of Susan in Montana. I
want my overalls! :) I'll be buying some T-shirts and
perhaps some new shoes soon. My pants are with the tailor
getting a new button.

I want to go to school! I'm so excited to visit TJ in
Pocatello and to get back to ACI and see all my friends
and professors, too!

The violin still won't tune. Film at 11.

I finished "Eyes of the Dragon". It was a little bit creepy, but not
gut-wrenchingly so. A nice read.

I'll be packing some more today. SCHOOOOOOL! ^_^