my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-13 21:27:11 (UTC)



today was so shitty. i got to school and i was in art
class and i spilled a whole try of red paint right down
the front of my pants. i was walking around all day
looking like i got shot. i was funny though. and i was
just going on with my day and i didnt know untill 3rd
block that it was friday the 13th.but hey what ever. matt
and casey rode the bus today and i hung out with them and jay for
a little while and they are going up to the power lines
and i want to go but i all ready have plans with maria but
that is ok there is always next time. right? i am
detrmained to be on pork and beans by the end of the would be great i would be the only girl on the team! its
not going to happen but i will wish for it.
that would be so much fun. i gotta learn to go off a
kicker first so i can break myself! i think i want to go
to millers and get the stuff to make my cookies but i dont
know were john is and my mom is in bed with a headache
so... oh and i got whailed in the side of the head with a
snowball and that made my day let me tell you!LITTLE FUCKERS!!! it
didnt hurt but it got all in my ear and shit. but im gonna try to
find a ride to the
store mabey i wouldent need to if i had my licence haha
that is funny i dont think that is ever going to happen!
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im going out for the night i dont know ere im going to end up but
hey were only young once right? first im going to taco bell yummmyyy
i cant wate untill april i will be going to taco bell every day! i
was going to make my cookies but i guess i dont have time for that.
i was really weired i was picking up the kitchen and dave bishop
called me i dont know why but its all god i really want to go to a
party with him so i hope he gives me a call this weekend. i am sick
of johns bullshit oh my god!!!! and i hate my motherand her ass hole
alcoholic boyfriend !
Listing to :channle 103.1
PS: i had my first brown betty experiece today man was it good!

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