Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-12-13 20:54:13 (UTC)


so, this week was a rough one for me and my wife. we
played tuesday night and on my way home this moron of a
woman pulled out rite in front of me and i was going about
50. so i slammed rite into her side and all hell broke
lose. my airbag blew up on my right arm and that freaking
hurts and all this smoke comes out of it and the engine and
nearly choked us to death. i got outta the car really
quick and got my wife out, she was really scared and hurt.
i was scared the car could blow up, but it didn't. the
stupid lady didn't say a word to me the whole time, neither
did i to her. my truck was destroyed, i'm suprised i
didn't get really hurt. my wife was takin to the hospital
by ambulance and we were there till 6 in the morning. she
has fractured ribs and is in alot of pain now. so now i'm
dealing with her insurance company. this is a pain. thats
life rite now, sorry to sound so down. but things will
work out. later