lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-12-13 20:39:42 (UTC)

britney spears is the devil

well i did my speech today. it was reeeally fun. i ended
up getting a 97.5 anyway, so it was pretty darn sweet.
plus i turned in my math project and my history chronology
so i'm allll done with assignments until 2003. ahh. nice
feeling. i still have stuff to do this weekend, but
nothing to turn in or anything so that's nice. i'm glad
this little hectic week is over.

teresa called me last night and we ended up talking on the
phone for like 45 minutes...reeally random. yeah. but i
totally enjoy that kid when she's not doing freakish beast
things. we agreed on some things i would NEVER have
guessed, which was pretty dang cool. even though she'll
probably use some evidence against me, whatever...the whole
matt scandal is way too much for my taste. i don't even
know what's going on with us and i just don't know. wow.

i'm so stoked to go skiing or snowboarding this i don't know which one i'll do, but either
way it's fun and it's sweet so YEAH! yippee hooray.
hopefully i'll be able to achieve my goal of breaking an
ankle this winter, but we'll see...hmm...

dane's hooking me up with this real good cd...his cousin's
in this band called feedback and they're pretty tight.
mcuh love to them. right on.

has anyone heard that good charlotte song "christmas by the
phone"? it's good!!