2001-08-29 22:20:39 (UTC)

the grass is greener

why do you think it is that some people seem to have a much
easier time at being happy than others? i often wonder
this... from the outside looking in, i probably look like i
should be ecstatic... i have a very good job... i am
intelligent... i am not homeless... and still, i look at
people and wish i could be them... or at least have their

do you think it is because for some insane reason i have
higher standards for happiness than most? maybe when i was
small i decided that in order to be happy everything in
life must be perfect... perfect job, perfect friends,
perfect clothes, perfect boyfriend... perfect hair... i
don't know...

it sucks though...

and i like to always think that you really have no idea
about people's lives behind closed doors... like maybe all
these people i think are so happy and lucky are reading
this journal right now wondering the same things i am


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