My Life
2001-08-29 22:17:37 (UTC)


Yay homecoming is comin up!! This really hott guy asked me
to it!! I can't wait!! Plus my birthday is Sunday!! Im goin
out with the guy for Ice cream today... plus we're gonna c
the others with a lot of other HOTT guyz!! School start
like a long time ago and the "bitc*" left a long time a
go!! THANK GOD!! I'd die with her arouind forever!! OOOOO
yea I went back to Old Navy and those guyz that wrk there
were working therea again and they asked my for my #!!!! I
didn't give it to them b/c i'm goin out with the guy who
asked me out to homecoming!! Luv ya Peta! Well i gotta
eat!! Goin to a party helpin my friend look 4 a guy to go
w/to homecoming!!