I hate my life
2001-02-07 17:07:59 (UTC)

You all seem to think you know..

You all seem to think you know so much about my life but
you really dont. I didn't put all my fucking life down and
big daddy I will say whatever the fuck I want when ever the
fuck I want. By the way for them people that think I send
out threating emails I don't I have learned to cop with
what is going wrong. I mean I may have to have surgery
again soon but as if you all care. I mean it maybe a
$40,000 but I dont think you care about that either. If
you all knew how many things are going wrong in my life you
wouldn't be saying that shit. I am being put in home
schooling too. Do you all think I want to be? NO I DONT!!

Peace Out,

Oh yea if some one wants to email me for the hell of it my
email is

[email protected]