Electric monkey
2001-08-29 22:10:58 (UTC)

8-29-01 [what a crappy deal]

well, i got home from the all exciting school today,
planing to go down to the lake and put the boat in. but
when i got home, to my surprise my parents had left
already. and they had told me the day before to cut all my
plans i had for today so that i could go. so when i got
home i was pretty mad, although it isnt that big of a deal.
i wouldnt have cancled my plans with jessica if i would
have known i wasnt going to the lake. barg. so i canceled
them for nothing.
Stained glass is fun. ive got my design drawn and tomorrow
i get to start hacking away at some glass, to make my
mosaic! im doing a picture of Odie, from garfeild. i drew a
picture of odie on photoshop a few minutes ago, similar to
the one i drew for class, and i used a filter to make it
look like "stained glass". and it looks really awesome.
although mine probably, more then likely, wont be nearly as
good as the computer generated version, but still, i am
excited. i like the odie idea. =) hes a very hip and
happenin' dog if i do say so myslef.
so school in general has been going ok, i suppose. although
it has cut way way way back on social time. during school i
dont have classes with any of my good friends [cept
yearbook! and lunch!] and then after school theres
homework, so no time to do stuff then either. i guess
weekends are going to be the time for that. but im going
camping as usual this weekend. until monday. im not
bringing a guest with me this time though. so therefore, i
get to hang out with these one people down at the camp
ground all weekend. maybe someone will want to play cards
with me. because i cant go camping without playing cards
3/4 the time. hehe.. so this weekend will either be crap or
good. the weather is supposed to be amazingly great. right
below 80 degrees, with low humidity. lovely! swim swim
swim. ah geez, i forgot bout swimming, damn. i dont want to
swim with those ppl [guys...bleh] oh well. =P
arg!!! there is constantly someone playing drums next door.
=|i swear, at this rate they should be the best drummers in
town. besides ben of course. [heh] i wish my walls would
block that shit out, it gets kinda anoying when its some
constant thing.. bleh.. especially when its at night and
you're trying to sleep!!!!!! [last night!]
so yeah, im rambling about anything and everything.
In english today we had to get in groups and explain in our
own words what "ethics, responsibility, and truth" meant.
and then present our answers to the class. well, this one
group, it was really sad, they said ethics were "differnt
religions and cultures". heh. a 'little' off. probably
thinking of ethnics. heh. my group consisted of me, paco
[ryan, same thing], candice and kai. it was fun. paco
cracks me up. "DUDE!" heh heh. ok noone gets that but thats
ok! =]
geez, i cant wait till stained glass tomorrow, i wanna get
my glass all cut up!!!!!!! yay.
i guess im done babbling for now. lucky you! so thank you
for taking time out of your life to read this. i apreciate
it. bye!
Auf Wiedersehen!