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2002-12-13 19:27:25 (UTC)

wow it's been a while

wut can i say? i've been too busy to not add an entry. well
school has been HECTIC.......i took my final last nite and
im dying to know whether im going to get an A in the
class...i need A's i have to get into Princeton.....well im
listening to music and reminiscing good times this
semester...well lots have happ'd this semester...met "e"
and im really missing my was fun...made a great
friendship w/ Chanel....she's totally cool...and i love our
study session for never going to forget her
calling my "e" WL....ToTALLY funny....she had me thinking about visiting Dr. S but i dont know
whether i should...i hate finding out results....she said
Wed is the day...but i think im just going to wait to see
the Final grade online....if the team did well, then all i
need is an 80 something to get my A. well my other finals
are on wed, thurs, and saturday.....and i really have to
start studying...but im going to wait till the last minute
like i usually do....despite all the suffering, im really
going to miss this's been fun....much better
than last...well i would hate for there to be a transit
strike......arggggh im going to have to walk to school..20 wutever im not stressing it.

k bye

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