Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2001-08-29 21:46:50 (UTC)

So, how s life for me? I don t..

So, how's life for me? I don't know. It's there, I
guess. I have a job now. It's pretty cool. I work with
my Aunt Penny...helping her out with her Karaoke business.
If there's one thing I's Karaoke! So, it's
absolutely perfect for me. I do enjoy it.

I talked to Marc online today. You's getting
easier...talking to him, I mean. Maybe I'm calming down
about the whole thing. I mean, I love him lots, but the
feelings...I don't know, they're subsiding. Don't get me
wrong. I miss him and I cry lots of times over him, but I
think I'll eventually move on.

Buck came over yesterday...after he receieved a card I sent
him through the mail. It was just a little card to tell
him that I was thinking about him and stuff. He seemed to
like it. He said...AWWW. That was cute to hear over the
phone! So, he decided to come over between work and
class. It was teh first time he'd ever come over here. It
was interesting. Well..I'm done for now. bye all. :)