Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2002-12-13 16:40:55 (UTC)

So close to many things

Me and Ricky got in another fight once again. I told him
that John had asked me to the movies Saturday and wanted to
make sure that it was ok with him. He said no, of course.
I thought he would have said yes since he said he was going
to change and not be jealous. So, I told him that I was
going anyways and he got upset. When he went home he
called me like 20 million times. Finally he got his cousin
to talk to me about what he felt. Oh my god. That totally
put me on the spot. I mean what was I supposed to say then?
I'm so emotionally tired of being hurt. Here is the letter
he wrote me this morning.


Hey I just thought that you would respect that I don't
like him. I don't have to have a reason but I do. I don't
like him beause the way he acts oh and one of his friends
is in my class and she said that your trying to mack on
him. It actually makes sense. I mean you say John's cute,
you ask him to go smoke wtih us, and you ask me if I can
move down so you can sit by him. Oh yea, and your thong
was showing and another thing you tell me that, "hey he
asked me if I can go to the movies with him?" and then you
say, "well, I'm going to go anyways." Ok lets rewind

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