punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-13 16:05:39 (UTC)

december 13th..manic manic today

Wow, feel like im on top of the world today for some
reason..usually do on pay day tho! Just about to go shoppin
on my spare and luch break.,.then im gonna call in sick
(bad girl) and go shoppin some more after school. i have to
buy steve's gift and i really wanna look for some avril
posters and shit ( i am completely obsessed with avril
lavinge..its scary!hahaha).
last night i had a bit of a scare..cristal cut her arm so
bad..she even had staples done at the hospital..i am really
worried. also, i have two other friends from the net,
krista and sarah..whom i call and write but havnt met.
krista has been extremely suicidal for a long time and im
starting to get pretty scared that one of these days that
im gonna wake up to the phoen call tellin me shes gone. i
honestly dont know what to do...
as for me, not alot of time to write..but soon ill get more
in depth in myslef and what im al abotu..let you into my
world "no hype, no glass, no pretense just me..stripped"

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