Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2002-12-13 15:52:51 (UTC)

Sappy Thoughts Damn it

Ok it is way to early in the morning to have sappy
thoughts but alas i put on the damn vonda shepard and here
they are....i just cant get over last nite's conversation
with J and how comfortable i finally felt with her...guess
that is a good thing....i mean if she wasnt tired i would
of stayed on the phone all nite with her....she is just
something....all i can say is i only want to be with her.
I still have that damn urge to go to boston, worse then almost feels like there is something great
waiting there, like im suppose to fags wont talk to
me. My ricky came over last nite we thought it be a fine
ideal to get loaded and watch the second season of queer as
folk, amazing enough we got through it, he was trashed and
everyone was he was passed the fuck out during
the conversation with J....i think the house was almost
silent last nite...

God why do i want to go to boston so bad...i mean i can see
it clear as in a loft...a,
decisions, sometimes dont you hate them so much....i just
feel like it fits...however i dont want to really go right
now, maybe when im all set, im kinda having fun
to you later...god no one reads this shit thank god.