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2001-08-29 21:14:39 (UTC)

How a computer made me happy today

Its a bit sad that I was made happy by fixing a computer
today. Granted I've been trying to get the damn thing
going far too long now. Not that I get any money, and I
have put a lot of time into it. But finally, it seems to
work. It might be a bit unstable and it has unknown
crashing disease, but what the hey I'm leaving town anyway.

I had a day of doing things, I kept myself busy and it
seems to have lifted my weird mood a bit. I'm still
thinking about that girl more than I should, but I spoke to
my girlfriend today and I remembered that she is so easy to
be around.

Unrelated, but I thought about this rant today: I'm sick
of being the grown up one in an argument or discusion or in
any situation of social unease. I can see that in the long
run getting all snarlled up about something isn't actually
going to acheive anything, where as being soothing and
saying the right thing will make everyone happy again. I'm
not a push over, in fact I'm pretty stubborn. I just see
the bigger picture, and it pisses me off sometimes that
eveyone else gets to act like a child. Grrrr.

Listening to the Levellers

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