Rock Starr

2002-12-13 15:31:21 (UTC)

I will never give up...God loves me always

I dont have much to write but i dont want to like lose my
account or something. I am currently grounded, due to bad
progress report grades, and my dad has become a quarter of
a homework nazi. Could be worse; I was driving ninety mph
on I-75 yesterday and spotted a cop crossing the median
onto my side. I thought he was after me; his lights were on
but he drove right past me, of course i slowed down to
seventy so i don't know if he clocked me or not. When I got
to work, I realized I hadn't had my license with me, i had
left it on the credenza in my house. God was watching over
me that day, just as always. I love God so much; he never
stops amazing me.

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