Sorting out my head
2001-08-29 21:06:38 (UTC)

God, I hate my life!

Here I am. Back again. I just can't keep away.
I should really write more about myself really. I've been
reading some of these diaries and one of them seems 2 have
such a perfect life. God, I hate my life!
So, here goes. As I said before, I am 14. I also have
brown hair, weigh 9 stone 4 (I know, I'm fat)and I have a
grandma who's always going on about it, which does nothing
2 help my self-esteem. Some people say I'm pretty but
y'know, I don't believe them. The kids at school say I'm a
boffin and have got a huge nose. I like singing and I love
e-mail, it's so great! I want 2 be a writer but deep down
inside, I want 2 be a actress which I know won't happen.
Like, no way! I live in England which is unfair as I really
hate England.
I have a brother, who's 23, and a mum and dad called
Paula & Kevin. My best friend is called Colleen and
whenever I'm with her, I feel like an ugly duckling.
Anyway, I gotta go now, but I will defintely be back soon!