2001-08-29 21:03:49 (UTC)

Busy, Busy

SCHOOL! wow- i never realized what a task I was taking on
when I started this year. We've had almost no homework
until today. Its like the teachers purposely pour all of it
on us on one day! Crazy... I think I have a hold of it
pretty well though. I'm gettin A's in everything at the
moment which is ALWAYS good! On top of having homework in
every subject, I also had the first meetings for all of
this years clubs. I didn't even realize that I'm in 6 of
them! In executive board today Sam and I signed up to do
all the Sophomore Homecoming Parade stuff. It doesn't sound
like much, but oh geez! You have no idea. We have to think
of a float idea thats actually good and we have to make it,
get all the supplies and actually find time to work on it!
We're both pretty busy so it'll be hard, but I know we'll
SOMEHOW manage Today is such a gorgeous day by the
way. I was doing my homework up on the roof. I could live
outside if it was always this beautiful... ... I'm
on my homework break at the moment and i decided to use it
so i could catch up on all this stuff in case i dont have
time to write tonite. Chances are I'll prolly get on tonite
so I can check my homework and talk to people... wow, in
all the mayhem I haven't had time to even think about
everything that worries me... thats for the better tho.
Cait wrote me a note and it said that she had talked to
Kevin last night after I got offline. She was telling me
what he said about me and it almost made me cry. I dont
know why, I'm just a baby sometimes-- lol-- Shaw STILL
hasn't asked Mattie and I'm gettin really worried bout all
of our "perfect" homecoming plans. At least I'll have fun
with Dustin... even if we're just going as friends. Cait
and Broc are going good.... but he hasn't asked her yet
either. OH NO! haha .... hmmmmm... he will though,
and mattie will find a great date and it'll all be good, I
know it will. Yup yup, we've got Liz the optomist back.
Well- i gotta go do some work- i might be back later. Cya

Just a ? pertaining to a previous diary entry.
If you've supposively fallen off of the dating tree, is it
possible that, on your way down, you could float your way
back into eachother's arms??
Just wondering...