2002-12-13 14:53:05 (UTC)

Computers at School suck

Well here I sit and wait for the bell to ring at the maclab.
This stupid comp keeps asking me for my password give me a
damn break would this hightech piece figure out my password
hadn't changed since the last 50 times it asked me. Well
anyway yesterday was good I kissed Sarah for the first time.
I was really happy about it and yes Sarah I was glaring at
amy because I wanted her to go away. I'm going to liberty
spike the middle of my hair tonight before the beanery. I
can't wait no one has seen me with Liberty spikes it make
look stupid but I like it damn it!! Yeah and Joel was going
to have a party on sunday I was like ohshit!! But it's all
cool because he might be having it next week seeing all his
friends really can't show up at it.Well thats all for now I
will be writing in it later today so pe