Anand Bose

2002-12-13 13:42:10 (UTC)

Freeday of the 13th defying Ides 2002

Defying the Roman Calender

neither skeptical

nor superstious

it was friday the 13th of dec 2002-

i was worried, rather very worried

all of worry;

what if due to a careless

mistake ??

If it happened of all days- today!

"13th of friday 2002"

I would have

to be a victim of a shakespearean text

and not heeding

the soothsayers


But beyond the text, the metaphor wound

into the mind and worked it up

all the fear of being metaphor

the dread to

see the truth of

"Ides" harass

pollute and


its source to

be uninfluenced

was too

much of an


for me.

I lived


day dreading it.

I was also

trying to


my mind

to humour

the premonitory


of "Ides"

The humour is funny as it came up in the morningf along
the threat of Ides as

a little prankster who happned to

form an image in my book

from the candle I was burning

as I had woken up as a period

where its still

growing up as the light

to see the yet veiled horizon

this cartoon is so familair in

cartoon strips as

friendly ounce

of human

and a spooky

ounce of

the unhuman ;

he or she is so


that if

say the name;

you might

call me


so i started rewriting

Ides of Friday the 13th 2002

as friendly free-day- freeing the spook of

of mischeif

and also laughing to see

the transfromation

of living through

the day

free-day 13th Ides of no longer being march no longer being

fiday or 13th.

Shakspeare was wrong and may be truth too is wrong

the strangeness of truth to be its fiction is

shakeapere grinning spook