Sorting out my head
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2001-08-29 20:43:53 (UTC)

Keeping an online diary

So here I am. Keeping an online diary. I'm obsessed with
diaries so it was only a matter of time so I started an
online one. Only bad thing about this is that I can't carry
around in my pocket and write in it when I want 2. I
sometimes find it hard 2 open up so bear with me. This
feels dead weird. I can't get used 2 the fact, that I'm
meant 2 spill my innermost secrets 2 a computer. I wonder
if anyone can read this. I hope not.
So who am I? I'm 14 years old with a serious lack
of self-confidence and next Wednesday, I am going 2 start a
new school. A big, scary school. Am I nervous? U bet! But
I'm trying to cope with it, treating it as a big adventure
and all that.
God, I'm scared!