my so called life
2001-08-29 20:33:51 (UTC)

Please send me a message!!!!

My topic means two things..
I'm so fed up with being home and I really, really, REALLY
want Ben to send me a message on my cellphone. I keep
trying not to think of him, but all I want is to be with
him.. I'm so pathetic.
The second thing is that I want someone to read this diary
and leave me a message. Just saying Hi, I read you diary.
Bye. - or something like that. When I started this diary,it
was mostly because I wanted a place to write down my
thoughts, I didn't really want anyone to read it. But I
started writing in English, and I guess that means that I
do want someone to read it, because I'm having some
difficulties writing in English, my own language would have
been much easier. Anyway, after my first entry, I got a
message saying that this girl liked my diary name and after
the second entry I got another message. I thought it was
sweet and liked the feedback. But now I don't get any
messages anymore. I don't even know if anyone reads this at
all. So this is a request to you : If you read this, please
leave me a message. All you have to write is Hey. If no one
reads it, it could might as well just not be public. Then I
won't have to worry that my friends might read it. Well..
yeah.. I'm so weird.

I guess I have to go to school tomorrow. I haven't done any
homework at all during my sick-period, so I'm behind. The
second week of school isn't over yet, and I'm behind. What
a great start!
Tom wants me to come to this party next weekend. I was out
last weekend and ran into him at this disco-ish place. I
was in such a great mood, it was the best night ever and
Tom was a lot of fun. I mostly hung out with my girlfriends
and danced, though. Went to this follow-on-party with him,
and he was doing all he could to make me feel good.
I've been thinking about our "relationship" lately, and my
conclusion is that though we never talk seriously and I
guess he doesn't know "the real me", he's a lot of fun and
I'm glad he's my friend.
Ben asked when I got home Saturday and I told him that I
ended up at this nachspiel with Tom and wasn't sure what
time I got home. He was just like.. Okay.. I hope he got
jealous, I really do. Jeeze, why am I so obsessed with him?
I'm not in love with him. I'm really not. Like, after we
kissed and watched that movie I guess I came really close
to falling in love with him, but then he acted all mean (I
wrote about that in my last entry) and I didn't. But I
guess I could still fall in love with him. Not that I can
control that, I'm saying what I think =)
Well, gotta go.. Please.. Leave me a message!! :)