Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
2001-08-29 20:29:12 (UTC)

A Drunken Dad,

Well Dad has just came in he was earlier than I
expected. He was still very drunk and brought a gaggle of
friends with him they are drinking coffee and watching
American Beauty on television. Me and Will have been
talking and we have agreed to spy on Taylor tomorrow I hope
we find something out its becoming quite annoying not
knowing what he is hiding from us.
Melanie phoned up afterwards and she said if tomorrow u
don't find anything out I should have a talk with him alone
which I will do. We then discussed what we are going to do
after the first day of school we usually get a gang of ppl
and go to the cinema but we are not sure this year.
Afterwards I had a chat with Erin my friend who has been in
Spain for the last month on holiday. We catched up and
discussed bout having a party at house before school starts
she said she would have a word with her parents but she
probably be able to which would be great. Well I might as
well take of advantage of my Dad being in his current
state he is usually gives me money for being"the bestest
son alive" Pity he doesn'y say that when he is sober:)

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