Mysterious Attitude
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2001-08-29 19:46:07 (UTC)

Tuesday Aug. 21-Monday Aug. 27, 2001

*Time: 1:30pm on Wednesday Aug. 29,2001
*Wearing: baby blue tank top dark blue bell bottoms
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down with a bandana holding back my bangs
*Listenin to : the tv my stepdad is watching it
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day : damn there were so many days I have to
write bout... so no song
*Weather: tooo many days ... all kind of weather
*Talking to: no one im doing this offline
*Mood: too many days every mood u can think of
*Thinking: Why did I wait so long to write?

~*~*TUESDAY AUG. 21, 2001~*~*

All I did on Tuesday is read my mail online and washcloths
all day!!

~*~*WEDNESDAY AUG. 22, 2001~*~*

I woke up at like 10am got ready and went with my mom to
Crown Point to get my birth certificate when we got that we
headed back home ... and I went with gram and Jr around
driving... They dropped me off at Renee's while they did
sumthing and they were going to pick me up after they did
whatever they had to do ... well I ended up going to the
hospital with Bear cuz he was in pain from a car accident
he has earlier that day ... we got there at bout 8pm and
didn't get back to his house until 11:00pm so I decided to
stay the night instead of going home... I wasn't tired at
all and with my luck Chrissy was there and she stayed up
with me ... so before Justin had gone to bed we were all
talking in the kitchen ... and I had said something bout
how hot Justin was and that if he wasn't my cousin I would
want to go out with him ... well I didn't realize he was
standing right behind me so I guess he heard me ... cuz not
to long after that me and Chrissy when back into the front
room and Justin called Chrissy back into the kitchen ...
well before I found out what they had been talking to...
Renee had got up and went to see what Chrissy was doing ...
and she heard what Justin and Chrissy was staying and
started to yell and got really pissed at Justin... I was
thinking she was mad cuz it was pass 1am and Justin had
school the next day ... but when Renee went back to bed I
asked Chrissy what Justin had wanted and she told me that
Justin wanted to know what I said bout him... I was like
ohh what did u tell him ... and she was like well I told
him that u sorta like him ... and he told me that he liked
u 2 and he also said that were not really cousin's only by
marriage so he is right bout that... hehe but anywho He had
wanted to talk to me later that night after Renee was
asleep but I never got to go down there... Anywho Chrissy
and I drank sum Corona this really nasty tasting beer ...
lol I was still in total shock from Justin liking me and
when I drank that beer I got sorta buzzed ... but not
totally drunk ... after we drank we watched sum movies and
fell asleep at 3am.

~*~*THURSDAY AUG. 23,2001~*~*

I couldn't really sleep cuz I was thinking bout Justin...
I really wanted to talk to him before he went to school but
I missed him... I guess he left not to long after I had got
up at 6am :( At 7am Bear woke me up so I could get in the
bed with Renee ... at bout 9am I suddenly woke up just in
time to hear a phone call between Renee and Bear ... it was
bout Justin liking me and how they both thought it was
wrong and how they needed to talk to him and tell him he
shouldn't like me in that way ... so I laid there acting
like I was sleeping until Renee hung up the phone ... when
she did I sat up and asked her what she was talking
bout ... she told me "About Justin liking u" I was like
yeah I know Chrissy told me ... and she was like "ohh" and
she was saying how he shouldn't... I was like Renee U can't
stop sumone from liking sumone... and she was like yes I
can ... and she basically told me that Justin was really
tired from working so much and he just wanted attention
that's why he told Chrissy that he liked me ... so in other
words she said right to my face "Why in the hell would
Justin like u" After she said that I got up and was like
yeah whatever and went to the bathroom ... for the next few
hours me,Renee,and Chrissy just sat around the house being
lazy lol...and I finally got up and took my shower before
Na Na,Billy, and Jessica came over for the birthday
party ... not to long after the got there my gram and Jr
came to Renee's ... and gram took me and Chrissy to the
store so we could get presents and things for the
party...went back to Renee's sat around like a bump on a
log and at 9 Jr came by to pick me up and take me home ...
well before I left I found out that Renee told Jr and Gram
that I had cut myself before ... so I started crying and
started to go out Renee's door but before I did Chrissy ran
to me and hugged me and told me everything would be ok...
she is soo sweet I tell u... I will do a little section
bout all the people I talk bout so much easier that way :)
But anywho... I kept crying all the way home and when I got
home I got online and went to bed at like 1 I think...

~*~*FRIDAY AUG. 24,2001~*~*

Ok this was a hellish day ... everything started as soon
as I got up.. I had got online and David started to talk
shit to me to piss me off ... in which he did and I ended
up punching him ... well I told my mom what happened and
she went off yelling at him ... he yelled back ... well Jr
was here and I guess David was bout to hit my mom but
didn't get to cuz Jr jumped up from the floor and put his
hand over David's face... my mom yelled for Jr to stop and
he did ... but the cops ended up being called and Jr was
really upset and hit the door with his fist and was crying
and everything ... he never cries ... so I hugged him and
held up until he calmed down ... when the cops got there
they did nothing but tell Jr to not go to my house until
David chilled out ... well since then Jr hasn't really been
to my house ... well while the fight was going on I called
Renee and she heard everything ... and I asked her if I
could stay the night at her house ... she said yes I could
and Jr and gram took me to meet up with her and Justin....
I was happy to see Justin cuz I wanted to talk to him bout
what happened a few days before ... well I asked him what
Chrissy and him were talking bout and he wouldn't tell
me...so yeah I dunno if he really likes me or not...I think
he is scared to tell me cuz he isn't sure if
I like him or not ... or maybe afraid of his dad(Bear) and
Renee ... well then he had to get ready for a school
dance... I went with Bear to take him.. and Bear had
started to talk to me bout cutting myself...so yeah Renee
told him to :( I didn't know so many people actually cared
for me... but they do :) When we got back to his house I
watched a movie... and at 11:00am Joe and Justin came
home ... they went to bed and I watched tv and played
playstation until 3am and went to sleep.

~*~*SATURDAY AUG. 25,2001~*~*

I woke up and took a shower ... and went to the store with
Bear ... it was fun as hell cuz he is always making me
laugh and stuff ... after we shopped we went back to his
house... Joe,Justin,and Renee put everything up and later
that day while me,Bear, and Renee were driving in the car
Judy(bears mom) called the cell phone... and we all found
out that she had this virus called VRE... (she's in the
hospital) VRE is a very catchy virus that attacks your
major organs and will kill u... well she was going to be
coming back to Renee's house later that day.. But Renee
didn't want her to cuz she still has VRE... so that means
anyone who has been around Judy can have it... so yeah that
goes for me to :( Grrr... I better no have it!!! Well,
anywho while we were driving around in Hammond we found out
that a tornado hit in Merriville...(where Renee and Bear
live) so we headed back to Merrillville to see what all it
did ... and we saw that it had torn the side of this store
called Kohl's off ... it was sooo freaky!!! It also messed
up like one neighborhood really badly ... the tress and
stuff were down and anything ... so we went back to Renee's
house.. and I sat there being bored and wrote Bobby a
letter... and found out that the singer Aaliyah got killed
in a place crash :( :( Grr what a bad day :(

~*~*SUNDAY AUG. 26,2001~*~*

Um... I don't really remember much bout what happened on
Sunday... I know that Joe took me to the flea market to get
my bracelet fixed ... and later that night Bear and Renee
took me home ... and I got online and went to bed later
that night...

~*~*MONDAY AUG. 27,2001~*~*

Woke up at 9am cuz I had school the next day so I needed
to get my sleeping patterns back on track...so I got
online ... and talked to Chris bout the Justin
situation ... well she told me to call her when I got
offline ... well I did and she called me back about 20
minutes later ... well she told me sum really good ideas on
how I can tell Justin I like him and stuff like that...so
yeah baby!! hehe we hung up an hour later.. When my mom
got home... me and her went clothes shopping for me... I
got this really nice red shirt, sum underwear, also thongs
hehe, and sum perfume... Well when I got home I got
online...also put on my thong to see if I liked it or
not....which I did but it was too small... I need a bigger
size.. but anywho I talked to Kelly for a while ... and
then Amanda got online.. and guess what!!! She asked me out
again!!! Yay!! So I told her yes... I was soo happy but
when Adrian got online...he ruined my whole night ... see I
told him I was going out with Amanda again and he was
talking dirty to her and all this shit... I was getting
pissed off at him cuz he knows she is my gurlfriend... so
he don't need to be talking to her like she was single or
sumthing.. so I cussed him out he cussed me out... I
cried ... and I got totally pissed off ... the only reason
he did that was cuz he is jealous I didn't give him a
second chance...and he really likes me so he tried to make
me break up with Amanda but I didn't ... well I got offline
at 11:30 and talked to Jr bout what happened and stuff...
and went to bed at 1am cuz I had school the next day... I
will write bout that day in another page :) lol


Omg... I couldn't believe he liked me... I mean I sorta
thought he did cuz he is always wanting to hug me and give
me things ... but he has yet to tell me to my face that he
does ... this sucks I really like him and want to be with
him so badly but cuz of Renee and Bear we couldn't ever go
out unless we didn't let anyone know... I mean its not like
he is my real cousin or anything ... he isn't blood!!! So
he is just like any other boy that I like but we have known
each other a long time and are sorta like family u know
what I mean? Well,... I'm going to tell him that I like him
sumtime soon and I hope it will make him open up to me ...
but I'm also worried bout what Joe (his brother) would
think ... cuz I think he may like me also ... cuz when he
didn't have a gurlfriend he called me, he stayed at my
house, and he sorta acts the way Justin does towards me...
so yeah this is going to be hard lol grrr.... what a crazy
life I have....

~*~*BOUT TO DIP~*~*

Well hey I guess that covered everything that happened so
I will shut up now..and go and write what happened on
Tuesday Aug. 28... so bye bye 4 now

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