Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2002-12-13 04:24:49 (UTC)


[I desire not your feedback if you have anything to say keep it to
yourself, my thoughts are not to be rated, graded that is why they
are my thoughts...spelling or grammer doesnt matter...only the
feeling behind the thoughts]

Sometimes have you ever felt like ATLAS holding the whole worldon
your shoulders? This is one of those days. Today was finals..then i
had to pop into work again....I will quite often refer to it as
hell..which it is by all its a running joke since I work
for a company called paradice. It sucked going to finals and yes i
literally did quite forget where the classes were located and who
taught them. It was more of a reunion type thing with the people who
thought i died or some shit, oh well.
Anyway work is fun. I have a ton of friends. We are all planning to
stuff DUMBASSDWARF as we call him in locker if the little troll
doesnt shut the hell up. I was fixing to kill his little troll ass
WED, one cause he would not stay in his damn section and two just
I thought for sure sue was going to kill him..too bad for all of us
she didnt...say it with me come on sue take one for the team. Talked
to my psycho ex today...apparently the medication she is on is not
kicking in my theory all she needs is one good kick in
the head that is all. i will probably end up back on nights im
undecided, first off i miss kicking the customers off the i just dont know i have a lot of stuff to think about
lately and not much time to do it in.
I dont constantly think of sex all the time only when im awake. My
theory is this. If you only see someone like 8 times a month, and you
just happen to accidently [Yeah right like I accidently fell in her
&^%%$, your probably saying to yourself] well it could happen, im
quite the putz, anyway I dont see the problem...its not like im
asking hey J do you mind if we stay in bed and have sex all day long?
I just tend to find her so attractive im in the mood when she is
around I guess you could say its in her kiss.