Dark Secrets
2002-12-13 04:18:15 (UTC)

Sorry, for not writing this for..

Sorry, for not writing this for a long time, as I dun have
the mood to speak up my stories....
I just want myself to know that when i get back to my
place, im going to make things different for myself for my
own sake.
Im going to focus more on myself and my work...its
crucial...its my FYP, determines what kind of person i am,
i dun wanna be a slacker anymore, its time i perform.
BF is not everything....anyway, i dun want to always be in
a depress state, i want to be happy, doing things i enjoy
doing, not watching time goes by, waiting for sth to
happen to me.
My bf told me yesterday that each of us have only one
life, whats the purpose of life? nth but to live happily
since we are given the chance to be born to come into this
world. So, make us of it, and we are only given one
chance, one life, to do whatever we want.
When im back in two weeks time, im going to try understand
myself more, concentrate more on my FYP like anyone else,
like my bf, im not going to let anyone down again by
getting a C or D which is disgusting...
i dun want to feel down looking at others works, i want to
feel proud of my own work as well, its my pride. " U R
WHAT U DO".....