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2002-12-13 03:59:42 (UTC)

Finals... AHHH

so it's the first day of finals in officially 1 hour and 12
minutes... grr. i have philosophy tomorrow, but i should be
fine.. my review session went smoothly and watnot so let's
hope i keep those grades up. it's not the hardest one..
history and spanish should be bitches...and then i have to
worry about getting home. why can't i just be normal and
have an easy way of gettin back to MA? o well, i have till
wednesday to figure out a way.. and i can always hitchike
my broke ass home.. i'll be hooome for la
la.. hopefully for new years at least! ah...ok so it's the
gift giving season and i'm broke but i want to get the
perfect gifts for the special people in my world. mom and
grandma.. check..(they'll love it) sister and
brother...check (thanks to my mom)... tony...check..check
check.. although i want to find him some extraordinary,
something that's not the typical christmas gift.. not to
mention his bday is next month so once i think of something
perfect, it's back to the drawing board! (sigh). anyone
have an idea? feel free to let me kno!
neways, i really hope this vacation goes smoothly. a whole
month back in town has potential to go wrong.. i mean
people are always so happy around each other when we get
back from college cuz they kno they only have a little bit
of time before it's back to school.. but a month is a
different story, people get comfortable and then there's
more room for fights(ok, ok i'm worried bout my fam) plus,
you feel responsible to hang out with EVERYONE..
considering you have to split up all your time with family,
friends, boyfriend.. erg..well i should stop complaining
and be thankful i get to be home and relax for a
while...i'll b back in this dorm room in no time i'm sure.
why does time always fly by? i wish i could just freeze
time... poof! frozen. i would freeze it at so many those laughing sessions with friends where ur
stomach hurts, or at those magical kisses that seem to
explain so much without a single word...ya, i'm gonna ask
Santa for a freezing wand.