Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
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2001-08-29 18:57:03 (UTC)


thise days of love are gone, are time is through, still I
burn on and on, all of my life always for u until forever.

Yes that is a song byt Mariah Carey. but thats how I feel
right now, cus me and J'son broke up a couple days ago, it
caught me by suprise, but I think I'm going to try to be
strong and do my best by moving on. but I dont think ne
one has experienced what I did when I would talk to him, I
think it only happens if its true love, whether its your
first or your last, but try your best to keep those
memories in heart cus they will never be replaced. Well
I'm gonna go so buh bye~!!!

- luv shelley