humming bird

my F***ed up head
2002-12-13 03:51:07 (UTC)

my bday - now

ok so yeah my bday was pretty straight i got a quad for
free i got my bellybutton pierced and i went shopping and
spent like 200 dollars and then i went tanning today- but
why did i got tanning is the real ?- welll maybe just
maybe, it could be becuz yesterday jason called me and he
wanted to know if i wanted to hang out and im like
SUUUUUUURE!- my mom knows i had sex with him- she asked me
and i didnt lie- it didnt matter- but yeah so he wants to
hang out and what does that mean- well several things and
several possibilities - it could either mean that he wants
to be friends- or that he wants to be more than friends- or
he has some not good intentions that might fuck me up- or
he has good intentions to try again and it wouldnt get
fucked up this time- but it for sure means- i have to look
my best so i went tanning to get tan - i have new clothes
and ohhh here was the bigges thing! he gave me his cell
phone number! u dont just give ppl ur cell phone number -
specailly not ex gf- oh shit i dunno just crazy crazy shit-
and i have kickdown shit to like 6 ppl and yeah its staight
but peace

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