peaches and cream
2001-08-29 18:53:04 (UTC)

the loser in my life!

well let me start off by saying im 15 and i live in ca. but
now lets get on my subject its a long story it all strarted
second semester freshman year uh i could not stand him he
just erked me but i macked with one of his friends and he
happen to be the one to call me we started talking and we
became friends we had 5th period together so we saw each
other everyday!it wascool then we really started talkin' we
were really feelin each other it was something very
specialsomething i had never felt for another guy before i
mean people thought we were so perfect for each other but
we endrd up going through some tough times he started
tripin he got caught steelin he started listening to his
best friend but im not even gonna front cause i started
listening to my girl ray i mean it was hard not to i
thought she knew him better than i did but she didnt i did
and i feel if we never would of let our friends interfere
we'd still to this day be togrther i can honestly say from
the bottom of my heart this boy was my"FIRST LOVE" I WAS
AND OUT.i wanted him to have it but i was scared cause i
loved him too damb much and i think about every thing we
went through and it just hurts me i still have very strong
feelings for him. and i always will. but i feel like he
doesnt want me because i promised him a special part of me
and he'll never have it cause he'll get someones left overs
but it would of been the same way around for me cause he
wasnt a virgin either.i was until now i lost it to someone
i didnt want to i wanted him to take that part of me but he
didint cause we both listened to our friends before we
could listen to our heart.