good times, good times
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2001-08-29 18:31:48 (UTC)

some people just dont grow up

i am just in awe of lance. how could a 23 yr old be so
immature?? not only does he quit talking to me for no
apparent reason which is childish in itself, but today i was
walking to my bcis class and i could see him up the way
talking to some of his friends and i guess he saw me so he
took off walking really fast to behind a building. i wasn't
totally for sure it was him till i got closer to the
building and saw him looking out from behind it and when he
saw me he took off real fast again. and the guys were some
of his friends that i had only met once, so i didn't know
them well enough to say anything really. i wish i would have
said something though. why would he hide from me? i wasn't
even mad at him till now, and now i'm just irritated more
than anything that he could act so juvenille rather than
growing enough sac to at least stand there and say what's up
jenny or something else civil like that rather than acting
like a fucking pussy and running off and hiding when he saw
me. i never thought he was such a jerk like that! and i
STILL don't even know why he's being like this..