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2001-08-29 17:29:23 (UTC)

yyyaaawwwnnnnnn "well, ive..


"well, ive been afraid of changing, because i built my life
around you"

i know ive hurt you.
my apathy is apparent.
in your eyes, my heart is stone.
my soul is cold.
and memories of me, brings pain.
but baby.
if you only knew.
if you only knew.
i cant handle hurt anymore.
so i ignore it.
i conviently forget to feel.
and youre suffering for that.
youre suffering for me.
but right now..im letting myself cry.
im smiling about the happy times.
and im feeling for you.
you wont fade.
i feel too much to endure.
so i will repress.
and you might be sure
that i dont care.
but baby, if you knew.
if you only knew.
how much i still and always will
love you.

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