The Good, The Bad, and Me
2001-08-29 17:28:34 (UTC)

MY top 5 (ok 3) breakups of all time! Part 1

It's funny how when I actually decided to get to writing in
here how I end up drawing a blank of what to write. In life
my mind races through so many thoughts that it's hard to
catch them and write them or log on to the interent and
type them in here.

But, one thing I've remembered is that I would like to talk
about my top 5 breakups of all time...Ok, maybe there
aren't five really bad break ups I've been through. It's
not like I haven't been through five relationships its just
that the other break ups just wouldn't make the cut. Well,
anyway, the idea came out of watching High Fedelity.
The John Cusack movie where he talks about all his top five
breaks ups...including the one he's going through at the

Okay, so I guess I'm going to have to cut it down to my
Top 3 breakups of All Time. I'll let you know when I
go through something as equally bad, or more traumatic than
these, and add them to the list. Okay, here goes...

My number 3 breakup of all time...

This was the last time I actually knew how love feels. Then
again I was 16 in high school, and the boy was as odd as
anyone that walked those halls at Bolton High School of
Agriculture. A school where "rednecks" felt like they ran
the school, and my interracial relationship was just looked
down upon. Especially, since the guy was...I guess you
could call him "goth". He lived in a boys home. He was
suspended from school before we got together, and I was
infatuated with him. I don't know how much he knew the
depths of my feelings for him, but since I've only barely
touched those feelings in other relationships I've been in.
Anyway, the breakup was all about trust. You see the
relationship began with us both being with other people.
Then when he broke up with his girlfriend, I broke up with
my boyfriend. I always feared he'd do the same to me. Its
that whole karma thing I guess. You think that would have
let up by now but I think the gods of karma just like
screwing with me for a joke, but that's to discuss later. I
basically knew he had a lot of female friends, but he
always had a "thing" that I knew he liked a certain girl
that he talked to a lot. Well, anyway he broke up with me
because I couldn't trust him, but I was only 16, come on! I
feel now that he just broke up with me so he could have
freedom. Most guys always want that. They don't like to be
kept for too long.