Queen Bee

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2002-12-13 00:59:43 (UTC)

I've noticed something lately...

I've noticed just how unhappy some people really are. There
are a lot of people out there who are up front about their
unhappiness and then there are some who try to hide their
unhappiness by putting on a mask of who they think they
should be and that will just make you unhappier and maybe
thats why their unhappy in the first place. I admit i used
to be what other people wanted me to be but i finally
realized who i was and yes it took me a while and a LOT of
bad shit happened while it tried to figure it out but i
listened to the music i thought i should not the music i
wanted and i wore the clothes that i thought i should and
not the ones i wanted and thats why i was so unhappy but i
tried to convince myself thati was really happy when i knew
deep down inside that i wasnt. now i wear what i want and
listen to what i want and do what i want, maybe not all the
time but im getting better and i still have my days when i
wake up and think im not good enough and need to look a
certain way, like think if i were only skinnier or whatever
but everyone had those days but i know that deep down, im a
good, beautiful person and there is nothing about me that i
would change because my personality, bad and good points is
what makes me...me. My bitchiness, my sense of humor, the
fact that im a lot nicer than people think, my good heart,
my sarcastic wit, everything i just said is what makes me
me, and if anyone out there reading this is like that, does
what others want and acts how others want, just remember
that you are perfect and you should be how you want to be,
wear what you want, listen to what you want, say what you
want , just be you because you may not think your a good
person but you are and you deserve to be happy and no one
has that right to take that happiness away from you. Those
are just my words of wisdom for the day to those of you
who actually read this, if anyone does, just do what you
want with them, use em, throw them away, put them in the
back of your min, whatever but those are just my words of
wisdom to you people out there. Anyone can write to me if
they want with whatever they want. Bye all.