2002-12-13 00:57:31 (UTC)

We are losing contact

Yeah, so for my second entry, I'm just going to get into
what's bugging me right at this moment...
One of my friends today was all pissy at lunch because he
has to rewrite a physics test which he got a 90 on, but all
but 2 other people in his class failed, so the class voted
to retake the test. He has no concern about the other
people failing the course, just as long as he doesn't have
to redo a test which next time he might get even higher
than a 90 on.
Second, I'm feeling a great deal of sadness inside of me
right now, I don't really want to talk about it just yet,
I'm just thinking things through in my mind right now, and
it's making me sad, fucking sad...

Damn it all to hell