Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2001-08-29 16:28:20 (UTC)

Adding Another Newborn

Trapped and beaten
Broken by pain and frustration
Snared by personal oversight, naivete
And an opponent's cunning
Now conquered.

Marked defeated
Drained by the silver spider
Torn by the white wolf
Tangled in silk clinging tighter
A writhing ball of blood and fear.

Lycanthropy spreads through the blood
The venom sears the veins
Loser mutated into minion
No longer human
The newly hatched arachnid, a newborn cub.

Wiser, more untrusting
Loyal to the system that has become it's mother
The poisonous spinner, the hunting wolf
The child becomes what vanquished it
And sets its web, readies for the first kill.

Adding another newborn.

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