Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
2001-08-29 16:23:03 (UTC)

Results of la plan

I stupidly read a message bout if I get caught spying on
Taylor and I had second thoughts but when Will came round I
was strong and we went to Taylor's house. Will distracted
him by going on bout some wierd band with his cool older
sister. I made out I was reading a magazine when they had
gone I had a quick look and I found nothing strange apart
from a Backstreet boys book but one of three sisters must
of left it there. I did find his diary but there is no way
in hell I am reading it because its private innit! I told
Will what had happened he was puzzled we will have to
follow him around tomorrow and hope we find something.
Well my Dad has gone mental he is going to a club with
students that he teachs at college honestly he is like 15
years older than them and he will come really drunk and
complain of a headache all day which he insists has nothing
to do with all the alcohol he drank.