ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-08-29 16:10:16 (UTC)

While you're away..

- think of me.. :)
- laugh lots and lots
- eat yummy things and imagine what we could do with it
together.. ;)
- dream some dreams.. and find your new one.
- don't worry
- miss me..
- remember that you have an Antipodean who'll be thinking
of you..
- go out without undies on.. :)
- cry if you want to.
- think about my panties.. they're on their way to you..
via Wales. lol
- (Hopefully not opened by the customs.. ;)
- Take time out.. to work things out.
- marvel at a rainbow..
- Don't give up!
- Go out with Debs.. for a night on the town.. have an
allnighter even..
- remember that you're special. :) You're wonderful. You've
got one hell of a life to enjoy!
- suck some ice and think of me..
- ummmm I'd better put this one in... have a beautiful
time with x.

and last but not least..
- never forget that the JJQ loves you. I have nobody like
you.. in the whole world. :) And I love you to bits! With
my whole heart. xxx Really and truly. :)

the jjq xx