Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
2002-12-12 23:12:55 (UTC)

The new guy

Hey this entry is about my new friend named John. He is so
cool, but just a friend. He's from Lubbock, Texas and so
much one of the "bad guys" Ricky is mad now. He is sitting
at the next computer and is going to sites like www.die.com,
etc. It makes me so mad that me and John are only friends
yet he gets so damn jealous. I DONT like John. Why can't
he understand that? What is wrong with men today. Why
can't I have a best frined taht is a guy? Ricky says that
he will just hit on me and try to fuck me. There are people
in this world who can be friends and not "fuck" School was
ok today. I guess. I finished that huge ass history test.
You know what, out of the seven essays she picked two I
didn't study for and then the easiest one. I was like damn,
I studied so hard for this and she chose the easy one. Oh,
well the more knowledge the better right? Alright, so you
have read about Billy, the begining and Ricky. Oh yea, I
was supposed to write about my hospital experience. I'll
write that one next. I want to get into a chat room and
make friends that I am not supposed to have.