The days of my life
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2001-08-29 15:38:17 (UTC)

A very sad day

Well, I don't quite know what is wrong today, but I feel
very teary eyed. I would love to just sit here all day and
cry. Dave lost his job, which really sucks, but at least
now he will find something else. Hopefully with some
benefits for him. I want him to find something that truly
makes him happy. For now, I guess I get the bills. It is
ok, cause I can afford them, but I want him back so bad I
can taste it. I don't know maybe it is getting bad again
cause I currently have no friends. I mean we keep saying
how we are all that we have. For now it is probably for the
best that way, but,damn, I am lonely. I love him and he
keeps me guessing all the time. My mental health feels
shaky today. I wish that he would understand me. He said
last night while we were shopping that I seem to hate him
and then like him the next minute. Maybe I need to work
more on the loving part and less on all of the hate that is
in my heart. I will just have to get this all under
control. oh hell, till tomorrow.