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2001-08-29 14:54:45 (UTC)

Hi 'ya

I really don't know why I am doing this. I guess it's just
nice to have an outlet. It's also nice to know that
although someone may actually read this(they must be realy
bored they don't know me.

Things have been beyond crazy around here. Hence the name I
am so tired. My boyfriend dumped me. Get this there was
nothing wrong between this. He was just going to school and
said he couldn't be faithful. I am not exactly handling
this well. I know most people would think this is just
normal stuff. Guy meets girl, guy dumps girl so get over
it. There's just so much more there though

I also failed a drivers test yesterday. Yeah that helped a
lot. I just got so frustrated with the tester. Yes there
were pedestrians on the curb. I looked at them and they
weren't going anywhere. Yet I didn't make eye contact with
them and they didn't signal me to go. Whatever. Also, lady
I didn't see the dip becuase I was paying attention to you,
not becuase I don't look ahead of me when I drive. Argh. I
am never going to be able to drive. I am so so sick of the
bus, it taking me at least two times as long to get
anywhere, biking to bfe and back,not being able to go out
or have many friends etc. My gosh I am how old and I am
still on the bus. Argh.

Ok I am done venting for now. That feels a little better.
Off to school I go.