My Stupid Life
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2002-12-12 21:49:32 (UTC)


YAY! CURTIS! Well, Curtis is in my church Youth Group.
He's got spikety black hair, pretty blue-ish grey eyes and
glasses. He says he's like, quarter Native American, but I
forget the "measurement." He plays bass and he's really
cool. I like him alot. He's like a big brother type
figure. He's like a Brian, only Native American. And on
the swim team, so he's all strong. It's so cool. He's
really funny too. He tells all of these great real-life
stories. I get to go to the lock in w/ him. It'll be
great. But I think it'll be just three of us. Josh,
Curtis, and me. Josh is in our YG too. He's nice, but
he'll have a different page. Well, I have something to
confess about Curtis. HE'S REALLY HOT. lol. I have this
stupid child-ish crush on him, but who could blame me????
I mean, he's cute, funny, sweet, and yet he's intellegent
and can be serious if need be. It seems I have a creepy
thing for older guys. My math teacher says it's cuz girls
mature faster than guys. I agree. But man, he's such a
perfect guy. And he makes the funniest faces. It's
hilarious how he raises his eyebrows every two seconds.
It's so adorable! I love it! I mean, he can cheer you up
no matter what bad thing happened. If you're down, just go
see him. He'll cheer ya right up. He's awesome. Perfect
guy I have ever seen. He's so sweet. He's just so cool.
Oh, and get this. He plays D & D. lol. I have never played
it, but I want to. It looks interesting. And my friends
play it. And he likes to play Monopoly. I love Monopoly!
It's great! He might have been joking when he said this,
but he said, "We should get together and play Monopoly one
of these days." It might not mean anything, but I really
would love to hang out w/ him. He's so much fun. More
Mmmmmmmmm still cute. But I don't like him as much as I used to.
It's kinda sad, but I have no interest in anyone anymore. I just
seem to hate everyone that isn't my friend too. I don't hate Curtis
though. But he's not really my friend. Although he's so sweet. One
time at YG, I started crying cuz I didn't want to be there and for
some reason my overwhelming feeling of lonliness leaked out and I so
I ran out of the room and they gave me a few mins to cool off and
then he came out and started rubbing my shoulders and asking me if I
was okay. I tensed up because it startled me.... I liked it though.
No one's ever done that for me. It's so cute! God damn it! I HATE

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