trying to quit
2001-08-29 14:46:37 (UTC)

first entry

Dear Diary.
Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. I
am a 23 year old mother and wife. I have been smoking since
i was 17 and i am sick of it. Im tired of everything about
cig. I hate the smell, the taste, how they look, and most
importantly how they are killing me. I wish i had never
starting smoking in the first place. I am smoking my last
one right now as i type this.It is only 10am and i am off
work today so it is gonna be hard not to go buy some but i
am not going to because i know i can do it.I should let you
know that i have tried to quit smoking several times with
no luck. I usually do good until something stresses me out
or pisses me off. Last night i prayed for god to help me
quit this time. I know he will and i know i can quit.
I will write in here every day to keep track of my
Well i am through with my last one. I will probably be
back later today.Thats all for now.