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2001-08-29 14:17:39 (UTC)

Daytime Thoughts

I have no idea why I think about morbid/depressed/self
absorbed stuff at night, and not during the day. Well
that's not strictly speaking true, but I'm far more likely
to think about myself at night. I know I'll go
and listen to Maralyn Manson, he'll make it all better.
It's so good knowing that the unrepresented teen angst is
now represented.

Glad I got that off my chest. Cheery daytime thoughts:

Why is everyone in such a hurry when they drive around
town? Do they really beleive getting stressed about it all
will make them get there faster?

Why don't I like committing to stuff, I'm not talking
relationships here. I'm talking about travelling. I like
being able to just get on a train and arrive somewhere when
I feel like it. Everyone wants you to book ahead these

BTW I am quite aware that I am spending far too much time
on the computer, but sod it. I can at the moment, and soon
enough I'll have a 9-5ish job.

A friend of my girlfriend wants me to upgrade her computer
(I'm not a computer scientist programmer type BTW), but
just like last time she has waited until I'm getting ready
to leave before asking me. Is there a time when I'm going
to be more stressed? Aaannnyway, Dunc has pointed out that
she's just being a cheapskate so I'm feeling a bit better.
I've spent enough time trying to get the damn thing going.
I'm due to go and fix it tonight.

Music on at the moment: Beth Orton.