My Mind
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2001-08-29 14:13:53 (UTC)


stuck to live with this accident probably for the rest of
my life no one seems to want to let it down. just when i
think im getting better and that it cant bring me down
something else happens. last night barbara called and
christina got on the phone and bitched that i was going to
fast for having her neice and nephew in the car. as if i
deliberatly crashed the car. i wanted to get to my moms so
i could drop tommys cake off its not like i was going any
faster than most of the time melissa knows im not a bad
driver and i wasnt driving any differently than normal. we
just went off the road at a bad time and it bent the
steering rod so i had no control of the car if anything the
old people are at fault cause they seen it coming and could
have avoided the whole thing by going to the right but they
didnt they just kept coming. i wouldve only hit the
fence. but the point being i know i screwed up because i
shouldve not ran off the road but everyone does it on that
road even the state trooper admitted to doing it on that
road and now people are saying that i was weaving in and
out of traffic it was on 326 there is never any traffic on
that road im suprised someone else was even on the road
with us. regardless of what she says though melissa still
talks to me and she doesnt fault me for what i did cause
she knows there was nothing i couldve done. but i just
want this shit out of my head and its not going to happen
that way if people keep bringing it up. --end--

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