*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2002-12-12 20:54:43 (UTC)

packing to leave...

yeah so i leave tomorrow at fucking 5 in the morning.
which i'm not too thrilled about, so blah* but i mean, i
gotta go.
so yeah, i talked to frip earlier, and emerald is being
and "beatch" harrassin her and just making things
difficult. and i'm thinking, someone needs to pop her
ass. like just walk straight up to her "hi what's up
(pop)"...just like that. now dont get my wrong i'm not
violent, but dont fuck with the people i love. that's just
not the way to get in my good graces. *meh
monique is now 3 months pregnant, and that's awesome. we
talked about baby names, and kayla seems to be her
favorite. which i'm thinking yeah,but i've always loved
the name aja (asia)....*shrugs* what a funny thing.. a
lesbian having a baby to be a single mother...that's gonna
be ruff!
well seems like that's all that is of interest right
now. "keep living..." ~tricky


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