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2002-12-12 18:04:12 (UTC)

Some Things I Know

Some Things I Know

I find fields of ice and deserts filled with lava rock,
in this thing I call myself.
And though I walk there, I live the lush
fields striped with dream blues and greens of paradise

Once I thought happiness was all about happily ever after.
But that was in the time before the time
a nurturing soul taught me how to swim
thought’s rivers and showed me that
calm water exists on land and
beyond the waves.

Experience warns that hard things always
come, but still ticks with reminders that love
hides behind wardrobes
you slip behind,
when searching for something else.

Wealth is a clean, well lighted place called home,
where you fight and stay,
to reconcile,
over bagels with melted butter.
It’s the neat shelves of Shakespeare,
Lewis and Kipling, read well.

A good life lived is
filled with the right warm soul
who kisses you on the curb,
with lips and eyes that live in the moment
between leaving and being.

And with dreams, where you find the truth
and quietly say so, finally,
in the night,
while the world sleeps.

copyright 2002, RSD

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