Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2002-12-12 17:13:47 (UTC)


God, I fucking hate history. My teacher gave us seven
essays and told us taht on ethe day of our fianl she will
choose three and then we can chose to write one. So, I
have been working my ass off lately to write all seven so I
can be prepared. Then my grandfather makes a remark about
my eating habbits. See, when I got out of the hospital, a
whole nother entry, I weighed ALOT. Now, I have lost 49
pounds and look pretty damn good. My boyfirned is always
so worried that I am going to look so hot that someone is
going to take me away from him. Oh well. So, anyways. I
really need to get going so I can simi study. I have to go
during lunch also. Just so I can make sure that I know
everything. Fucking history who needs to know about it? I
haven't thought about cutting today. Funny huh? I will
tell you about my hospital experieces in the next couple of