Wandering Thoughts
2001-08-29 10:34:50 (UTC)

August 28th 2001

"But Pop, I've seen things that I know are so wrong. Now
how can I go back to school and keep my mind on... on
things that are just in books, that-that-that aren't people

Good grief. I leave tomorrow. Well, actually in a few
hours. I got up in the morning, took a deep breath and
began packing. I don't think i procrastinated
bout you?? I fit everything in the suitcases (to mine and
my sister's surprise). Next we went to the one hour photo
place to get some picture develpoed from graduation and
dinner yesterday. While at the photo place we decided to
srop into my old work. I said goodbye to everyone. No one
seemed to really care. Lorry talked to us for a few
minutes and then walked away. Jen was the only one who
gave me a hug goodbye. She was always my favorite one
there. I went home and Brian came over soon after. We
went out to dinner with my mom to Li's Chinese. So good!
The best chinese I think I have ever had. I was so happy
that Brian liked it too. Next we just basically hung out
at Brian's. My eyes are all teary. I can hardly see the
computer screen. I can't believe I am leaving tomorrow. I
feel like my heart has been ripped out. Not the whole
heart, just a big chunk. It's worse than any physical pain
I could describe. Brian is kinda in denial right now. We
both cried a little when i said bye to his brother and told
him I'd see him around x-mas. Wow....that seems so far
away. His mom gave me a big hug..which was sweet. He's
coming over soon. Guess I better get all the tears out
now. I don't want to look like an idiot at the airport.