Nick's Journal
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2002-12-12 16:30:39 (UTC)

Exam Time

Exam Time is upon us. You know what that means. Oh fuck
that shit.
The cold is what I like and what I get. When I see people
runthrough it like gazettes scampering in and out of the
predators view. Everyone ducked under their hoods/hats
the wind biting at their extremities, like a mongrel dog
at a piece of meat almost out of his reach. The snow is
melting somewhat now and the accidents are fading with the
white engulfment of the world.
I've listen to my teachers all year long and I have to say
I find about 99% of what they say interesting, however I'm
just so sick of what it all is. It's all just a
discombobulating drudge of disseminated drivel, designed
to direct my destiny.
Like when i saw these girls come out of kinkos they looked
like pre-packaged dolls, holding their polished reports in
their glossy binders. I'm sure they'll be the first to
freak out when shit goes under. People can be so worried
about so many things, grades, friends, racism, hatred,
stock market. the superficialities of our lives are
essentially not superficialities since we are controlled
by them. they are superficialities becuase if you try i'm
sure you can live without any of the above worries, but
what fun is life then? they control our lives in the same
manner that a placebo cures us. the fights we get into
for our respect, the hatred we feel based on ethnicity is
nothing but a figment of our imagination, so stop being
stupid assholes. stop hitting and hating, it really
doesn't mena anything. stop being a stupid ass.
but basically what i'm so intreested in is stuff that
isn't mine. now i have to take this information and hit
the recall button when i have to do something.
ah well.
now intelligence is something that's called into question
arund this time a lot. i think that's why people study.
wow i just made myself sound like a dumbass. ughhhhhhh,
i'll take the blatanly obvious for $500 alex. see now
it's time for me to shut the fuck up.